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Slide hammer – chisels

  • No power cables or air hoses
  • Patented design

This is simply the precision tool which makes most tasks easier and is therefore ideal for many types of construction jobs and repairs. We offer a complete set of hand-operated chisels and tampers and the associated power-transmitting shaft.

Concrete, asphalt, stone, wood and other hard materials are no obstacle because the ergonomically shaped handle has a 620 mm impact surface and delivers ten times more power than ordinary hand-operated tools. This means the power is used efficiently and precisely because the hammer has a constant contact point with the workpiece being processed. The shafts are made of hand-cast, hardened steel


  • Easy to replace tools: versatile to use
  • High power transmission with minimal physical effort 
  • Easy to carry

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Working with a wide chisel

Tamper tools for asphalt work, etc.

Pointed chisel

Narrow chisel