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Ground-Guards plastic ground protection mats

Ground-Guards are without doubt the perfect protection mat for protecting all types of substratum. At the same time, the traction they provide prevents heavy vehicles from getting stuck.6 års garanti

  • Six-year guarantee
  • Non-slip
  • 100% recycled

The high load-bearing capacity of up to 60 tonnes means that ground damage is virtually eliminated and minimises restoration costs.

Using Ground-Guards will save you lots of money. Not only in terms of restoration costs, but also because it only takes one person without difficulty to handle and lay out the mats weighing a maximum of 39 kg, either as a driving road, pavement or to protect sensitive surfaces.

Ground-Guards are made of 12.5 mm polyethylene. A strong interlocking system ensures very high quality.

Sizes you can rent:

VM48 1,22 x 2,44

VM38 0,91 x 2,44

VM28 0,61 x 2,44

Contact us to rent.

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- an ideal lightweight protection solution

Ground-Guards prevent ruts

Non-slip pattern on one side

Rough pattern on the other

Quick protection

Via agreements with hauliers all over Denmark, we have built up a network of depots which makes it fast and easy to distribute ground protection mats and plates to our customers.